The Capri Southampton is committed to providing outstanding service to all of our guests and offer full ADA-compliance for our guests convenience.

Accessibility Assistance
Should you have difficulty using or accessing any section of our website, please contact us immediately at Aside from working with you to ensure you are provided with the information and assistance you need, we’re committed to ensuring that each feature on our site is accessible for everyone and will take the appropriate steps to address any short-comings.

Goal of Accessibility for Everyone
It is our goal to ensure that we are providing a seamless experience for everyone – on our website and at our resort. We aim to ensure that everyone is able to access all areas of our website and resort.

Taking Action & Ongoing Efforts
The Capri Southampton makes efforts to implement necessary changes to make our site accessible to everyone including anyone using a screen reader, magnifier, voice recognition software, captions, alternative text and other assistive devices. We are working diligently to make these updates in a timely fashion and will continuously audit and update our site. If you are having any difficulty accessing or using any section of our website, please contact us immediately at

Please contact us at if you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve the accessibility of our website.